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Speed Dating at Pitcher and Piano - £5 off!22-34Nottingham10/01/2017Males

Speed Dating at Slug and Lettuce - £5 off!30-42Bristol11/01/2017Males

Speed Dating at Missoula - £5 off!22-34Cardiff11/01/2017Males

Speed Dating at The Vaults - £5 off!30-42Birmingham12/01/2017Males

Speed Dating at Missoula - £5 off!22-34Manchester12/01/2017Males

Speed Dating at Slug and Lettuce - £5 off!26-38Bristol18/01/2017Males

Speed Dating at The Vaults - £5 off!26-38Birmingham19/01/2017Males

Speed Dating at Pitcher and Piano - £5 off!30-42Nottingham24/01/2017Males

* age range is a guideline only

If you're interested in an alternative type of event not listed here, please let us know by clicking the 'Register your interest' button to your right, with enough interest we will arrange this event and inform you of the date.

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What our Speed Daters say

  • "Very good service, a brilliant night!"
    Chris - Birmingham- September-2016
  • "Would recommend to a friend was a great evening."
    Daniel - Bristol- September-2016
  • "Very relaxed and friendly atmosphere> I met a lot of friendly people and the host was great. "
    Alexie - Nottingham-September 2016
  • " Host was nice... Made it comfortable for everyone."
    Jonnathan - Cardiff -September 2016
  • " Very nice experience 👏👏 "
    Maria - Birmingham , August 2016
  • " A lovely fun evening full of giggles and interesting conversation. Thank you x "
    Hayley - Birmingham , August 2016
  • " Great host, great night. "
    Daniel - Leeds - August 2016
  • " A really easy going fun evening! Thanks"
    Myles - Nottingham -July 2016
  • " Great night very diverse I had a great night meeting new people."
    Trinia - Birmingham -July 2016
  • " The host was lovely, and the girls were gorgeous."
    Jason - Bristol -July 2016
  • " another awesome experience!"
    Tapan - Bristol -July 2016
  • "It was a really fun way of meeting a lot of people in just an evening!"
    Tapan - Cardiff, July 2016
  • "Fun night - friendly hosts. Would recommend anyone contemplating speed dating to give it a go. Everyone is very friendly. You will have a good night even if you don't meet the right one you're looking for on that particular night."
    Stephen - Cardiff, July 2016
  • " Really good night, I found that all the people were very friendly."
    Sam - Cardiff, July 2016
  • " A very friendly atmosphere."
    Candice - Nottingham, June 2016
  • " Fantastic night. More than exceeded expectations."
    Joseph - Nottingham, June 2016
  • "Very fun evening, not what i expected and very pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was."
    Lisa - Birmingham, June 2016
  • " I enjoyed it and feel I could come back again and look forward to doing so. "
    Ashley -Leeds, June 2016
  • " Brilliant night, well organised. "
    Gemma - Birmingham, June 2016
  • " A wonderful environment and relaxed way to meet new people without any pressure, so thank you for a great night!"
    Malaka - Birmingham, May 2016
  • " It's a good evening, you get to meet some interesting people."
    Craig - Birmingham, May 2016
  • " Good fun and a good all round experience... Jo, did a great job for MySpeedDate company. Thanks!"
    Michael - Birmingham, May 2016
  • "Very enjoyable!"
    Clair - Birmingham, May 2016
  • " Excellent , unique venue with fantastic lighting."
    Anthony - Birmingham, May 2016
  • " Wonderful hostess!"
    Kate - Birmingham, May 2016
  • " Great night!"
    Denisha - Birmingham, May 2016
  • "I found it a very interesting way to meet new people thank you"
    Katrina - Birmingham, April 2016
  • "I had loads of fun. Thank you for a great night :)"
    Sarah - Birmingham, April 2016
  • "Fab venue- very relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and I like the privacy of being downstairs away from the main bar. I've been before and the host is very friendly and puts you at ease. I have recommended you to friends and would definitely come again"
    Phillip - Bristol, 9th Feb 2016
  • "At first I was nervous as it being my first experience but as the evening went on,I enjoyed everything. So thanks to the organiser's and I would recommend a friend. What a lovely event! "
    Jules - Manchester, 13th Jan 2016
  • "I really enjoyed my experience at Tiger Tiger and really appreciated the effort that went into setting up the event and would love to do something like this again :D "
    Mike - Manchester, 13th Jan 2016
  • "Great night, nice people. "
    Tim - Cardiff, 13th Jan 2016
  • "Fab venue- very relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and I like the privacy of being downstairs away from the main bar. I've been before and the host is very friendly and puts you at ease. I have recommended you to friends and would definitely come again."
    Natasha - Leeds, 13th Jan 2016
  • "Very good"
    Mia - Nottingham, 13th Jan 2016
  • "I was very nervous at first (the same as most people by the sounds of things). However, I found myself chatting away straight away. Confidence certainly built up quickly and I would recommend speed dating to anyone. A great way to meet new people."
    Alexie - Nottingham, 13th Jan 2016
  • "Very good night, the host is excellent and welcoming. Everything ran smoothly"
    Ben - Bristol, 12th Jan 2016
  • "Jo (host) was lovely, very friendly and helped explain the set-up to me as I'm a first-timer"
    Lucy - Bristol, 12th Jan 2016
  • "It was very good, would have liked to stay in the night club area but had a good time in the bar area"
    Peter - London, 9th Jan 2016
  • "I felt it was a good event and I enjoyed the evening"
    Jessica - London, 9th Jan 2016
  • "It was my first experience of speed dating and I was made to feel welcome and at ease straight away. I would recommend this company to my friends"
    Sharon - Birmingham, 2nd Dec 2015
  • "It was my first speed dating event. The host was very good and informative so i felt relaxed throughout the event and thoroughly enjoyed it"
    Samantha - Birmingham, 2nd Dec 2015
  • "Great night, great people, will recommend"
    Gavin - Birmingham, 26th Nov 2015
  • "Had a really fun night"
    Lizzie - Birmingham, 26th Nov 2015
  • "Enjoyable"
    Richard - London, 21st Nov 2015
  • "Well-organised and numbers well-managed"
    Anne - London, 21st Nov 2015
  • "It was fun, and the 4 and a half minutes went really fast."
    Steve - Leeds, 19th Nov 2015
  • "Fantastic fun night. Our hosts were excellent also!"
    Cheryl - Leeds, 19th Nov 2015
  • "The night was fantastic"
    Jonathan - Nottingham, 12th Nov 2015
  • "Great venue, friendly and warming host"
    Violet - Nottingham, 12th Nov 2015
  • "Great night, will try it again"
    Gavin - Birmingham, 30th Oct 2015
  • "Thank you for creating such a lovely evening, the host and venue were perfect and I has a delightful time. Thank you"
    Ellie - Birmingham, 30th Oct 2015
  • "The host was not very good, she was excellent :)"
    Sean - Bristol, 28th Oct 2015
  • "Very nice, comfortable and chilled atmosphere, friendly and approachable staff, and clear instructions"
    Sneha - Bristol, 28th Oct 2015
  • "Thanks very much, was a nice night"
    Jim - Birmingham, 22nd Oct 2015
  • "The host was very welcoming and put us all at ease, good night out"
    Zenib - Birmingham, 22nd Oct 2015
  • "Good night out"
    Ben - Bristol, 13th Oct 2015
  • "Brilliant night"
    Miche - Bristol, 13th Oct 2015
  • "It was my first speed dating experience and although I was too dazzled to concentrate enough to remember the people (even though I made notes) it was a fantastic night. I was eased into in gently by the host and the other people there (men and women). Now I am a little more prepared, next time I should remember more. Thank you"
    Vicky - Nottingham, 8th Oct 2015
  • "The event was very well planned and even though I came on my own I was put at ease and made to feel relaxed and welcome."
    David - Birmingham, 1st Oct 2015
  • "Good experience!!"
    Hailee - Birmingham, 1st Oct 2015
  • "Very nice night - it was very well organised and would come again. Thank you, Rob"
    Rob - Birmingham, 24th Sep 2015
  • "Most enjoyable first time experience, will go again"
    Anne - Birmingham, 24th Sep 2015
  • "Good fun event, host was excellent and made people feel at ease"
    Shane - Bristol, 23rd Sep 2015
  • "It was an absolutely fantastic evening so happy to be a part of that amazing experience!"
    Aggie - Bristol, 23rd Sep 2015
  • "I was a bit nervous beforehand but OK once it started, great night!"
    Jim - London, 19th Sep 2015
  • "Overall a fun night. This was my first speed dating event and met some interesting characters"
    Elaine - London, 19th Sep 2015
  • "The event itself was fun"
    Grace - Birmingham, 10th Sep 2015
  • "It was a fun and chilled out night"
    Saras - Birmingham, 10th Sep 2015
  • "Happy with everything"
    Sylwia - Nottingham, 10th Sep 2015
  • "I was very pleased with the event. Initially I was slightly nervous, but everything was explained with detail and was very well organised and specific, which gave me more confidence"
    Richard - Nottingham, 10th Sep 2015
  • "Very Happy"
    Samantha - Manchester, 9th Sep 2015
  • "Very Happy, the bar was also really good"
    David - Manchester, 9th Sep 2015
  • "Very satisfied"
    Gareth - Cardiff, 9th Sep 2015
  • "It was a very good experience"
    Anabel - Cardiff, 9th Sep 2015
  • "Very happy"
    Nina - Leeds, 9th Sep 2015
  • "I felt quiet anxious to start with but within minutes I knew we were all in the same boat. From that point on I had a great night and was under no pressure at any point. Great experience, go on, tick it off your list. You never know!!"
    Rob - Leeds, 9th Sep 2015
  • "Very happy"
    Stan - London, 5th Sep 2015
  • "It was so much fun!"
    Jessica - London, 5th Sep 2015
  • "Very happy really enjoyed it"
    Mark - Birmingham, 3rd Sep 2015
  • "Very pleased, was nervous before attending as I've never done one before but the host was lovely (think she was called Laura) and explained everything. The evening went smoothly and the venue was brilliant"
    Rosie - Birmingham, 3rd Sep 2015
  • "Well organised"
    Liz - Birmingham, 3rd Sep 2015
  • "Very happy"
    Joanne - Bristol, 2nd Sep 2015
  • "Really pleased with how the evening went - such a great atmosphere - I can't believe how quickly the time flew by!"
    Rob - Bristol, 2nd Sep 2015
  • "The host was very helpful and the event went smoothly"
    Tony - Birmingham, 27th Aug 2015
  • "I really enjoyed the event alot more than I expected and met some interesting guys"
    Jenny - Birmingham, 27th Aug 2015
  • "It's been a good experience. It went very straight forward and although I'm very shy I didn't panic and it was a nice experience that I'd easily repeat"
    Oscar - Birmingham, 18th Aug 2015
  • "Very happy. The venue was perfect for this event and the host did her best to ensure everybody was comfortable and well informed. She was hilarious too!"
    Richard - Bristol, 18th Aug 2015
  • "Really happy, was much better than i expected!"
    Louise - Bristol, 18th Aug 2015
  • "I think that the event itself was well organised and I liked how the host had instructed us on what was going on, especially as most of the participants were inexperienced in speed dating"
    Ben - Bristol, 18th Aug 2015
  • "Very happy. Good fun"
    Kate - Birmingham, 13th Aug 2015
  • "Very good. Made to feel welcome. The host was hilarious, on point, knew what she was doing. The venue was ace. Just everything about it was spot on"
    Mario - Birmingham, 13th Aug 2015
  • "Enjoyed it very much, was a little indecisive as whether to go through with it or not up to the last minute but glad i did"
    Joanna - Nottingham, 13th Aug 2015
  • "I enjoyed myself"
    Bryher - Cardiff, 12th Aug 2015
  • "Very good. Met some lovely people all there for similar reasons"
    Jon - Cardiff, 12th Aug 2015
  • "Very happy and comfortable for the first time Speed Dating"
    Mark - Leeds, 12th Aug 2015
  • "It was another fab night. I've been before and this event was just as relaxed, with a real friendly welcoming atmosphere. I love the venue (also the same as my last event) as having the private section really helps put us at ease.It is a good way to meet new people even if there is no romance on the cards. I have told several of my friends about you "
    Natasha - Leeds, 12th Aug 2015
  • "Extremely happy, great atmosphere and event"
    Samantha - London, 8th Aug 2015
  • "Very pleased, nice friendly and helpful host and team as well as down to earth people"
    Stephen - London, 8th Aug 2015
  • "It was run well and organised"
    Helen - Birmingham, 6th Aug 2015
  • "Happy because the venue was just right and everyone there was great to talk to"
    Tarik - Birmingham, 6th Aug 2015

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Call us biased, but yes! In fact, we are nodding such a big, fat, resounding yes that our heads are in danger of falling off. You see, the beauty of speed dating is that there’s no time wasting involved. We … Continue reading

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