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If you attend one of our events and don't find anyone you would like to see again, we will add a credit into your account for you to come again for free!

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  • "Very welcoming host who made the evening a great success all went very smoothly and enjoyable."
    Olivia - Birmingham - September 2017

  • "No complaints- very enjoyable evening"
    Niki - Bristol - September 2017

  • "No complaints- very enjoyable evening"
    David - Birmingham - August 2017

  • "Not as bad as i thought. Nice relaxed and some great people."
    Hayley - Nottingham - August 2017

  • "As I had never done speed dating before, I found the atmosphere very relaxed and the host really friendly."
    Samantha - Bristol - July 2017

  • "Fantastic experience!! Nice friendly environment and great "
    Jason - Birmingham - June 2017

  • " Been my first-time I really enjoy my experience and I will see you guys soon thanks.. "
    Ola - Birmingham -June 2017

  • " Had a fantastic time, great atmosphere and great friendly ladies, will be coming again for sure!"
    Jason- Birmingham -June 2017

  • " Julie was an excellent host.She was very friendly and outgoing. She made all of us at ease before the speed dating event."
    Natasha - Birmingham -June 2017

  • "The night was great, the event was amazing and the guys behind the bar were so welcoming and made us feel comfortable Overall had a great time..."
    Louise - Birmingham -June 2017

  • " It was an enjoyable night and my first time speed dating. It was a good laugh. "
    Joseph - Nottingham - June 2017

  • " It was an enjoyable night and my first time speed dating. It was a good laugh. "
    Laura - Birmingham - May 2017

  • "Very relaxed environment helped get rid of nerves "
    Natasha - Birmingham - May 2017

  • "Very relaxed environment helped get rid of nerves "
    Natasha - Birmingham - May 2017

  • " It was a lovely evening, I was quite nervous but the venue and setting was really informal and comfortable which eased my nerves."
    Gladys - Birmingham - May 2017

  • " It was a very positive experience."
    James - Birmingham - March 2017

  • " I'm glad I gave it a go! "
    Nicola - Bristol - March 2017

  • " Even though i might still be single for a while i had a really good evening , would recommend to friends ."
    Florin - Bristol - March 2017

  • "Friendly host, well organised event :) "
    Laura - Birmingham - March 2017

  • " Awesome, good laugh and good way to meet people"
    Tapan - Cardiff - Feb-2017

  • " Very good event. Much better than I thought it was going to be. Really enjoyed it"
    Michael - Nottingham - Feb-2017

  • "Found it to be a fun night, the organiser was very friendly and fun.."
    Kam - Birmingham - Feb 2017

  • "Host was very bubbly and joyful and helpful"
    Ben - Bristol- Jan 2017

  • "Had a good experience.lots of fun"
    Feri - Nottingham - Jan 2017

  • "Excellent host couldn't ask for better"
    Aroon - Birmingham - Jan 2017

  • "I really enjoyed tonight and the organisers were really friendly and very professional! I was put at ease by the organisers and felt very relaxed about the evening, after feeling quite nervous! Well done! I would definitely attend another event organised by you again!"
    Michael - Bristol - Jan 2017

  • "Good social evening"
    Lisa - Birmingham - Jan 2017

  • "Excellent "
    Claire - Manchester- Jan 2017

  • "Very good. Great hosting."
    Gregory - Nottingham - Jan 2017

  • "Laura the host was fantastic, really personable and welcoming. She made me feel at ease throughout the event. For that reason I would not mind going again on my own "
    Annette - Birmingham - December 2016

  • "Thanks for the chance to meet those nice girls! "
    Vasil - Birmingham - December 2016

  • "Extremely good event would recommend to anyone thinking of giving it a go to just take the plunge you will not be disappointed, just go with an open mind. Met lots of friendly people "
    Luke - Birmingham - November 2016

  • "Very relaxed and welcoming. "
    Katie - Cardiff - November 2016

  • "A really lovely evening, well run in a fantastic venue with great people. "
    Thomas - Nottingham - November 2016

  • "Fun, met some interesting people!"
    Paul - Bristol - November 2016

  • "This was my first time speed dating and I had a great laugh. Host was very friendly and so was everyone that I met!"
    Levi - Cardiff - October 2016

  • "Awesome event, irrelevant if I get a date or not. Please organise more events like this, these days it's very hard to meet new people, and this event does this effortlessly. Thanks for organising xx "
    Tapan - Cardiff - October 2016

  • "Really nice evening guys! thank you so much x "
    Ben - Bristol - October - 2016

  • " Very enjoyable evening."
    Michael - Bristol - October 2016

  • "Very good service, a brilliant night!"
    Chris - Birmingham- September-2016

  • "Would recommend to a friend was a great evening."
    Daniel - Bristol- September-2016

  • "Very relaxed and friendly atmosphere> I met a lot of friendly people and the host was great. "
    Alexie - Nottingham-September 2016

  • " Host was nice... Made it comfortable for everyone."
    Jonnathan - Cardiff -September 2016

  • " Very nice experience 👏👏 "
    Maria - Birmingham , August 2016

  • " A lovely fun evening full of giggles and interesting conversation. Thank you x "
    Hayley - Birmingham , August 2016

  • " Great host, great night. "
    Daniel - Leeds - August 2016

  • " A really easy going fun evening! Thanks"
    Myles - Nottingham -July 2016

  • " Great night very diverse I had a great night meeting new people."
    Trinia - Birmingham -July 2016

  • " The host was lovely, and the girls were gorgeous."
    Jason - Bristol -July 2016

  • " another awesome experience!"
    Tapan - Bristol -July 2016

  • "It was a really fun way of meeting a lot of people in just an evening!"
    Tapan - Cardiff, July 2016

  • "Fun night - friendly hosts. Would recommend anyone contemplating speed dating to give it a go. Everyone is very friendly. You will have a good night even if you don't meet the right one you're looking for on that particular night."
    Stephen - Cardiff, July 2016

  • " Really good night, I found that all the people were very friendly."
    Sam - Cardiff, July 2016

  • " A very friendly atmosphere."
    Candice - Nottingham, June 2016

  • " Fantastic night. More than exceeded expectations."
    Joseph - Nottingham, June 2016

  • "Very fun evening, not what i expected and very pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was."
    Lisa - Birmingham, June 2016

  • " I enjoyed it and feel I could come back again and look forward to doing so. "
    Ashley -Leeds, June 2016

  • " Brilliant night, well organised. "
    Gemma - Birmingham, June 2016

  • " A wonderful environment and relaxed way to meet new people without any pressure, so thank you for a great night!"
    Malaka - Birmingham, May 2016

  • " It's a good evening, you get to meet some interesting people."
    Craig - Birmingham, May 2016

  • " Good fun and a good all round experience... Jo, did a great job for MySpeedDate company. Thanks!"
    Michael - Birmingham, May 2016

  • "Very enjoyable!"
    Clair - Birmingham, May 2016

  • " Excellent , unique venue with fantastic lighting."
    Anthony - Birmingham, May 2016

  • " Wonderful hostess!"
    Kate - Birmingham, May 2016

  • " Great night!"
    Denisha - Birmingham, May 2016

  • "I found it a very interesting way to meet new people thank you"
    Katrina - Birmingham, April 2016

  • "I had loads of fun. Thank you for a great night :)"
    Sarah - Birmingham, April 2016

  • "Fab venue- very relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and I like the privacy of being downstairs away from the main bar. I've been before and the host is very friendly and puts you at ease. I have recommended you to friends and would definitely come again"
    Phillip - Bristol, 9th Feb 2016

  • "At first I was nervous as it being my first experience but as the evening went on,I enjoyed everything. So thanks to the organiser's and I would recommend a friend. What a lovely event! "
    Jules - Manchester, 13th Jan 2016

  • "I really enjoyed my experience at Tiger Tiger and really appreciated the effort that went into setting up the event and would love to do something like this again :D "
    Mike - Manchester, 13th Jan 2016

  • "Great night, nice people. "
    Tim - Cardiff, 13th Jan 2016

  • "Fab venue- very relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and I like the privacy of being downstairs away from the main bar. I've been before and the host is very friendly and puts you at ease. I have recommended you to friends and would definitely come again."
    Natasha - Leeds, 13th Jan 2016

  • "Very good"
    Mia - Nottingham, 13th Jan 2016

  • "I was very nervous at first (the same as most people by the sounds of things). However, I found myself chatting away straight away. Confidence certainly built up quickly and I would recommend speed dating to anyone. A great way to meet new people."
    Alexie - Nottingham, 13th Jan 2016

  • "Very good night, the host is excellent and welcoming. Everything ran smoothly"
    Ben - Bristol, 12th Jan 2016

  • "Jo (host) was lovely, very friendly and helped explain the set-up to me as I'm a first-timer"
    Lucy - Bristol, 12th Jan 2016

  • "It was very good, would have liked to stay in the night club area but had a good time in the bar area"
    Peter - London, 9th Jan 2016

  • "I felt it was a good event and I enjoyed the evening"
    Jessica - London, 9th Jan 2016

  • "It was my first experience of speed dating and I was made to feel welcome and at ease straight away. I would recommend this company to my friends"
    Sharon - Birmingham, 2nd Dec 2015

  • "It was my first speed dating event. The host was very good and informative so i felt relaxed throughout the event and thoroughly enjoyed it"
    Samantha - Birmingham, 2nd Dec 2015

  • "Great night, great people, will recommend"
    Gavin - Birmingham, 26th Nov 2015

  • "Had a really fun night"
    Lizzie - Birmingham, 26th Nov 2015

  • "Enjoyable"
    Richard - London, 21st Nov 2015

  • "Well-organised and numbers well-managed"
    Anne - London, 21st Nov 2015

  • "It was fun, and the 4 and a half minutes went really fast."
    Steve - Leeds, 19th Nov 2015

  • "Fantastic fun night. Our hosts were excellent also!"
    Cheryl - Leeds, 19th Nov 2015

  • "The night was fantastic"
    Jonathan - Nottingham, 12th Nov 2015

  • "Great venue, friendly and warming host"
    Violet - Nottingham, 12th Nov 2015

  • "Great night, will try it again"
    Gavin - Birmingham, 30th Oct 2015

  • "Thank you for creating such a lovely evening, the host and venue were perfect and I has a delightful time. Thank you"
    Ellie - Birmingham, 30th Oct 2015

  • "The host was not very good, she was excellent :)"
    Sean - Bristol, 28th Oct 2015

  • "Very nice, comfortable and chilled atmosphere, friendly and approachable staff, and clear instructions"
    Sneha - Bristol, 28th Oct 2015

  • "Thanks very much, was a nice night"
    Jim - Birmingham, 22nd Oct 2015

  • "The host was very welcoming and put us all at ease, good night out"
    Zenib - Birmingham, 22nd Oct 2015

  • "Good night out"
    Ben - Bristol, 13th Oct 2015

  • "Brilliant night"
    Miche - Bristol, 13th Oct 2015

  • "It was my first speed dating experience and although I was too dazzled to concentrate enough to remember the people (even though I made notes) it was a fantastic night. I was eased into in gently by the host and the other people there (men and women). Now I am a little more prepared, next time I should remember more. Thank you"
    Vicky - Nottingham, 8th Oct 2015

  • "The event was very well planned and even though I came on my own I was put at ease and made to feel relaxed and welcome."
    David - Birmingham, 1st Oct 2015

  • "Good experience!!"
    Hailee - Birmingham, 1st Oct 2015

  • "Very nice night - it was very well organised and would come again. Thank you, Rob"
    Rob - Birmingham, 24th Sep 2015


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