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MySpeedDate Success Guarantee

If you attend one of our events and don't find anyone you would like to see again, we will add a credit into your account for you to come again for free!

(Results must be entered within 30 days of the event taking place and a 'No' must be ticked for all entries. Please note: The free credit can only be applied once, this will not work for a second free event)

Upcoming Speed Dating Events

event instructions

22-34Nottingham19/02/2019Males: 3 space(s) left
Females: 2 space(s) left
£19.9919/02/2019 1165TICKETS
Reserve List

22-34Birmingham20/02/2019Males: Full
Females: 1 space(s) left
£19.9920/02/2019 1245TICKETS
Reserve List

22-34Bristol20/02/2019Males: 1 space(s) left
Females: 3 space(s) left
£19.9920/02/2019 1192TICKETS
Reserve List

22-34Cardiff20/02/2019Males: 2 space(s) left
Females: 2 space(s) left
£19.9920/02/2019 1216TICKETS
Reserve List

26-38Birmingham27/02/2019Males: 4 space(s) left
Females: 4 space(s) left
£14.9927/02/2019 1246TICKETS
Reserve List

26-38Nottingham04/03/2019Males: 4 space(s) left
Females: 4 space(s) left
£14.9904/03/2019 1166TICKETS
Reserve List

£14.9906/03/2019 1247TICKETS

£14.9906/03/2019 1193TICKETS

* age range is a guideline only

We cap numbers to gain an even ratio of males and females at our events, we will not go ahead with an event if we are under ten males or females and we won’t exceed twenty males or females in any event.

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